Il Muro Di Berlino C'e translation of lyrics

Also known as Il muro e qui lyrics.

English translation of Il Muro Di Berlino C'e by Nek
Those crosses unicinata on a sheet
Or black writing against the Jews
Or attack me because I want a child.
Various faces of the stupidity there is
Why are low-profile times
Other people want to think for us
He wants to write a new gospel
And smears urinal walls
This Italy here
His minimal hysteria
It's not mine anymore.
If you need easy victims
And the Berlin Wall is there
Nobody knocked him down.
And a wall that never falls
If you shoot what you don't know
In the hamburger beef
It fits with ketchup. I know.
You two hand in hand and I'm drunk
And the black and white memory I have
Now you're here. tell me about yourself.
Slides between cold and cold
But the stereos break our eardrums
But the Berlin Wall is there
It's a hard wall inside you
A wall you wanted
Bricks and lime comes on
The Berlin Wall is there
Wall and a story you don't have
The races along the corridors
And then adjust the steps to your
The wall is here. the wall is here
And so bricklayers we are not
All transvestite by Indiana Jones
Foundations of walls we trace
That separate the different from us
And here in Modena my city
A porch divides in half
Who does not hear and who chats chats
The Berlin Wall is there
Wall and a back against you
Wall and a drawer of razors
There's no love in my spray
The Berlin Wall is there
Who can decide for me
Who on the right side is
In this years of raiding
The Berlin Wall is there
Wall and a friend who goes away
Wall and the return of cow-boy
But then the apaches are US
It's us it's us
And here and here and here
The wall is here
The wall is here
The wall is here
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