L'anno zero translation of lyrics

Also known as E lanno zero andra' lyrics.

English translation of L'anno zero by Nek
Tired of me
Tired of everything
Tired of these days
That bend over me
Tired of who warms my bed
Cause effect
Of disloyalty and banality
I'm gonna take some sleeping pills.
At least I'll sleep.
I'll cross roads I lost
Forgotten areas I don't know
And cravings I do not have
And I will find souls scattered
In this dense fog
That we never see each other again
But one day
All this will change
And Year zero will go
And Year zero will go
I will love you
Even if you're wrong
And if your diversity
He'll tie me to you.
A ... war won't come
Just a few slaps to reality
If the zero goes
And Year zero will go
And a new light will tear open a sky
That no one has ever, ever, ever seen
And Year zero will go
And Year zero will go
And Year zero will go
But Year zero goes!

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