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English translation of Tu estas aqui by Nek
Are the three in my room
You asleep and tangled in me
I lost in nudity
That keeps your skin
And in your dreams you are no longer reached
You travel somewhere.
Where I may not be your dream
Maybe, maybe
When do you sleep where do you go?
Who cares about your loneliness?
Who walks every corner
From your heart?
Say my name with a whisper
Tell me again that you love me, again
Tell me my love
That when you sound
We are still two
You are here
On the edge of my skin
You're here. I want to get carried away.
And fill every dream
Walk surrender and forget that you
When you sleep you're not mia
At six the dawn
Let your body see back light
We seek atandonos
Under the edredon
And when I look at you the ... appear to me, I'm afraid to think
You can lose
What would I do if I missed your pillow, your voice?
Your breath?
You are here
On the edge of my skin
Your here, your me calm the thirst
I stumble with your eyes
Almost Open give me some of your love
And in laughter you say, with you sone
Comes the morning
I climb your back
Kisses for breakfast
You say smiling
I only have dreams.
And it's spending my life with you
You are here

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