Fantasie, Pt. 1 translation of lyrics

Also known as Ihr konnt meinen letzten Cent nehmen, mein letztes Hemd nehmen lyrics.

English translation of Fantasie, Pt. 1 by NENA
If the Beat was my wife, then I would be Ike Turner
I rhyme Worter, living in a world full of unicorns
Trolls, Goblins and Hobbits I know the Monster of Loch Ness
We met a few weeks ago, and asen fries
Chill with mythical creatures who speak my language in the garden of Eden
Just now I looked a few Ewoks to the Harlem hook
Then I go over to my weed dealer Gargamel
Get me some smurf-kush and parallel
While I am paying Para, i see Seven Dwarfs standing in my garden
Notice how a few elves help you and mahen my lawn
Look like Edward Scissorhands, Wolverine and Freddy Kruger
Together trim my hedge, everyone wants it better can
Thank you-also to my Jedi Knight Babysitter
Snow white and Princess Leia are my baby mother
Constantly Babymama-drama ahn'mal
I thought I was unlucky, but it was Karma
Suddenly Darth Vader arrives and says he is my father
And I think only aha, because my father was never there like a Fata Morgana
And Mama always said he was Black and because he's fucking black
I just tell dad-haha
Yes I am a sick Motherfucker
Chill with Alice In Wonderland she says Mr. Lover, Lover
Come back and I come back, every Song Deluxe
Because I'm Deluxe, who else has Hits like that? Auu
In my head there is anarchy
You can take my last Cent, my last shirt to take
But not my fantasy uh uh uh
In my head there is anarchy
You can take my last Cent, my last shirt to take
But not my fantasy uh uh uh
I'll make a race with Ben Ten, drink Alk with ...
Now he's in the body, check out pair of Sos Children's villages with the Silver Surfer
What is the meaning of the word I am a ...
And if you heard my voice then you know I'm a Killer and
Who got lost in your basement where I teleported
After Dr. Doom has locked me in a cell where Superwoman has my Balle
Has emptied
It's about fantasy, there is no Rapper who has more
And I want to fight Kevin Eleven a Battle rappen in the middle of the Seven Eleven
You should rather check my Level
And tell your producer to stay on the carpet like Sindbad
Because he's so upset, which prevents you from Rappen blos
Rapper rapping hinders everything just Papperlapapp I have Beats fat like Jabba
The Hutt
Write a rhyme, put it in clock
Other the weather like Storm, I was born to Rapper
Better sharpen your ears, because no one here can perform better
See how my homie Obi-wan Kenobi just pulls Coke
And I say what's going on with you, because is against the regulation
Suddenly Yoda comes and says, " oha, do you still have Coke?"
Obi-wan says " oh yes, but not as much as Conan or Thor da"
And Magneto has a Kilo of the finest Coca from Mordor
What'n Horror, all my super heroes are a crackhead
Plotzlich comes Harry Potter, says he has pot
Check out this Odd from Hogwarts
In my head there is anarchy
You can take my last Cent, my last shirt to take
But not my fantasy uh uh uh
In my head there is anarchy
You can take my last Cent, my last shirt to take
But not my fantasy uh uh uh
I'm just celebrating down south hardcore Rap with the Terminator away
Plotzlich rang at the door and it's Dagobert Duck with The Punisher
Tell Samy to see you, it's been so long
I say No you were here yesterday and the day before yesterday
Because you're too stingy to invest money yourself
Just want to snore grass, you're just an asshole
Everybody's ticking the Block, go to Spongebob
He says No, because he has Thaiweed from Bangkok
And hort, punk rock, Funk, Pop or Truckstop
In addition, Willi is here, here is much more chillier
I'd rather chill with you because you smoke like a steam locomotive
Ding dong, can I hear another bell?
Who is this to the Holle? Sas are the Ninja Turtles
And the tank crackers and say, " what's up, Motherfucker?"
We're hoarding a Party or what's going on? Ha?
I think it's probably supposed to be, I invite you to a few Holsten
Suddenly Professor X rolls in his wheelchair
And I think, "Wow, who is this woman? This is Jean Grey!"
Usually I'm a team player, but oooh right now not
Let me tell the Dj: I want to dance with Jean Grey Tango now
But she wants to dance with Rambo
So play a bit Enrique Iglesias, I got here a few plates from ebay
Suddenly Iron Man Comes, says Let's celebrate Sam
Come on we found a Band we call it Iron Man feat. Samy Deluxe
I'm saying No we'd rather call you Samy Deluxe feat. Iron Man
Roger Rabbit says you already have a Fan, Captain America says he likes
The Nightliner ride, Freddy Kruger says he liked merchandise'
I say: this is, unfortunately, difficult to

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