Ногу свело!
280 дней translation of lyrics

English translation of 280 дней by Ногу свело!
Heart beats, heart waits -
It means the fruit is ripening.
280 days he will blood to live your.
The day will come, the hour will strike -
People in white will accept the fruit,
Smiling and joking, take it out of you.
Grown from seed out of the crown,
A child saw the light from the darkness.
Moaning and wheezing,
Flashes and ...
Strength and patience -
That's what we expect from you.
Endure for love!
Cry, only Rodi!
Let the spring water wash away the pain from you,
And warm wind seed will bring.
Again the heart waits, and again the hour strikes,
When the fruit is ripe inside you.

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