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Подросток семёнов translation of lyrics

English translation of Подросток семёнов by Ногу свело!
Teen Semenov - excellence and the mayor,
Was the two miss, please tell me.
Changing the appearance of the boy curly,
The growing feelings of a pimply teenager.
A geography lesson, Papuans, exotic,
But the thoughts Semenova solid erotica.
Can't get rid of the hidden,
The growing feelings of a teenager Semenov.
Teen Semenov, libido covered,
Is going to give the debt unpaid.
Cold droplets of sweat rolling down the face -
In a short skirt was the go study at vocational school.
They will not be closed with school uniforms,
You can't get rid of them with a school uniform.
They live under the shelter of the face of the detached
Treasured thoughts of a teenager Semenov.
They live under the shelter of the face of the detached,
Live live

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