Ногу свело!
Тазепам translation of lyrics

English translation of Тазепам by Ногу свело!
I'm dying of longing, of longing.
I tear the hairs on my body, the hairs.
Fingers open tickle, tickle.
An interview won't.
I have bugs crawling all over my body,
My nose is crawling with worms.
Death is at my heels, at my heels.
Drink tazepam, tazepam, tazepam.
Naked bedbugs fray wall,
The bathroom hummed like Satan.
Fins ringing the Palace, to the Palace.
Diver, diver, diver came out.
The diver whispered, " Your honor, your honor,
Please let me eat, let me eat."
I have it on the Cabinet head, head,
And what he wanted, business, business.
Death is at my heels, at my heels,
Drink tazepam, tazepam, tazepam.
I'm going to cling to you,

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