Хватит пустоты translation of lyrics

English translation of Хватит пустоты by Обе-Рек
Enough of emptiness,
Going on the road,
I know you Won't make it too long.
Wait for yourself here,
Where converged the paths
And sky news voiced
Wounded heart
Enough to grieve,
Behind winter, awakened
And release
A bird in the wild
And forgive
Evil city
Dark fires,
Voices, forest song
So simple,
Just wanted to all along
Be in this dream,
Where converged the paths,
And the long-awaited spring
Heart open
But just what to do,
If you look timid,
If youth is in your eyes?
Hide carefully
All the accusations in the sheath,
Into heaven
And if we don't make it,
Then we won't come back,
So sense probably not,
I raise my hands,
And rushing sounds in this light!
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