Oscar Peterson
Happy-go-lucky Local translation of lyrics

English translation of Happy-go-lucky Local by Oscar Peterson
I found it earlier in my shed.
My count's outfit on the floor
Blue feather fantasy rolling
And I found it in pieces right by the window
My pine broken by her
Just like the popular song.
I wanted to get out there and fight.
But then I remembered it's better
She'll go at once and I'll stay
And beyond
Sambista until I die I am
And wherever my school is I go
Love we lose we have love we come
How can I change it?
The emocao of seeing Vilma dance
With your banner in hand
And hear all the people my people applaud
My school evolving - my soul with me passing
Much better than her-and go out to Portela
And a samba plot on the asphalt sing

Music video Happy-go-lucky Local – Oscar Peterson

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