Oscar Salguero
Power Of The New Generation translation of lyrics

English translation of Power Of The New Generation by Oscar Salguero
I don't hear what they say.
Neighbourhood languages
Because I know
By whom is your person
Five blue lights
Light five lamps
From your house to my house
From his mouth to his mouth
Five notes I love him
Five anitos that adores me
The bad people who know
We know our stuff
If I know I want, as I want to
To give three-quarters to the caller
From your door to your door
The vereita green, not raising grass, not raising yerba
I don't even want to know
Neighboring, close the mouth
And don't tell me
He is going to marry another
The five anitos full
Queriendole hour after hour
Are a string on my neck
That throat drowns me
With lighted coals
Burn that mouth.
To whom I swear so many times
That I was for myself
Five, five streetlights out.
So no one will see me crying alone
Oh, that little pain mother! What a shame!
The little green vereita, Jarba
Concrete grass

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