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English translation of Pj & Rooster by Outkast
He in the ground, yeah (boy died, six feet underground)
And aint no Bible, at this here Church, no You wont find God no, might meet Him first, aw Oh God, look out
Nobody wanted to leave
House so packed that we couldnt even breathe
And aint no better place to fall in love
Angel sent from Heaven above
Swing down and come change your life
You might make a baby, might meet your wife
But one sure thing that youre gonna say
"Deep down South theres a 'lil old place
Them Idlewild cats, man, they dont play
Dont make me send a telegram to Rooster, hell shoot ya."
"You better come harder than that, sweetie this aint no mortuary!"
And you dont want to take it to the gat so soon
(still stick it to the) Jenkins waitinin the upper room
'till ya make her say her prayers
You some players but you made us mashed potato
That potato, blast you hater, blast the gator
So you might just wanna kick back and drink goose
Take that to ya woman, relax, break loose
Cuff her soon, if she choose, she gonwalk away from you
Straight to the Rooster, 'cause hes cock-a-doodle-cool, what they do fool
Moonshine run, the small town, crap shootinall time
Phat you and thats gotta matchinsuit and hat
(all casper ... kinda robbers out da wild)
Time to break it on, break it on down, now
Percival, take it on out
Say whoa Nelly, whoa Nelly
Say whoa Pappy, whoa Pappy
Say whoa Mammy, whoa Mammy
Say whoa Pappy, whoa, everybody get up No, no, no, no get down
Everybody get up No, no, no, no get down
Everybody get up No, no, no, no get down

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