In Search Of 1988 translation of lyrics

English translation of In Search Of 1988 by Ozma
I called another dam suicide hot line
And the girl on the phone didnt really care
I said id end my life, but it always falls apart
I couldnt get my brand new car to start
The disappointments more than i can bare
Opened up the oven door, laid down on the kitchen floor
And only burned my elbows on the rack
Jumped out of a flying plane, youd think that i might be insane
But i forgot my chute was on my back
I tied a knot and pulled it through, and broke the ceiling fan in two
It only made me dizzy for a bit
Now im burried underground, and everyone just stands around my
Grave stone with the caption "idiot"

Music video In Search Of 1988 – Ozma

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