Павел Воля
Всё оплачено translation of lyrics

Also known as Все оплачено lyrics.

English translation of Всё оплачено by Павел Воля
And it will be very easy for her to leave me, and she is only looking for an excuse
And leave me far, far away, leaving the wire bare,
But he puts his head on my shoulder and throws me back into the cold
This day from myself I drive further and further, I can't even think about it
Because I know that no one will blow away a speck of dust in the far country with it
Will not cover the dinner, will not hide from the troubles, but to give my life I am silent
This woman likes to be paid, and I love her and I pay.
All paid All paid
All people love money
I like a woman who likes to be paid For
Everyone around me says that she's ruining me, slow down, they say that's enough
It's already spun, it's already unwrapped, and you were with a party in the house,
But they all don't know how beautiful she is in the expensive dress itself

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