Philipp Poisel
Wenn Die Tage Am Dunkelsten Sind translation of lyrics

English translation of Wenn Die Tage Am Dunkelsten Sind by Philipp Poisel
We run and fly and go
By still alive ' n Hall'n
The summer flies out,
Fly outside by the window
And I'm in here
And out there the summer
In front of the window and I fly in thoughts to you
And I'm going to bed with you
Close your eyes
When the days are darkest
The dreams, the dreams of the grosten
When the nights are at their lowest
In the Morning, the Morning is not far off
And they have beaten you, too
So they never touched your crowns
And no matter where it goes
Wherever it goes
However it goes out, it goes out with us
And I'm going to bed with you
And take your Hand.
And tell me where I'm going
I don't care
No longer know where freedom resides
Do you know where I am, Do you know who I am?
When the days are darkest.

Music video Wenn Die Tage Am Dunkelsten Sind – Philipp Poisel

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