7 часов утра translation of lyrics

English translation of 7 часов утра by Пилот
Passing strangers
Not himself,
Wind in the neck,
On ice go home.
Slip, fall,
I'll leave it under the trees
His evil laugh.
All wanted,
To get away from everyone.
That came
Red feather arrow,
Poked in the chest,
Not missed.
Know, force my
Always with me.
The key
Door Golden.
Get drunk! I'll get in the car,
And the train will go far,
Where someone also looks
On the world in its window,
He can't remember
How the memory of evil!
Took everything and
On the move jumped.
Bag it up
All that is.
We can sit on the path.
7 o'clock in the morning-all asleep,
We're leaving,
In the back of us whistling
And throw stones.
Forget and forgive,
Doors will be boarded up
And grass will grow,
After an hour cut.

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