Алкоголь translation of lyrics

English translation of Алкоголь by ПОРТ(812)
What a ... surprise
There's definitely something going on with me.
I'm flying straight down
My face to the pavement once again finds
Dark forces-no!
And even Kostya dzyu is not being
Alcohol fumes in my blood
Hit on the back of the head with a brick
Probably, I'm sick of This alcaparrosa
It's all alcohol
You try to argue with him
The winner you know I'm here
Then again
My circle
Like I careless guys
Stubbornly pushing away the boredom
Throws sadness irretrievably off a cliff
And refills without interruption. Then again.
Tirelessly lasts such a happy ending
Which is really a year of endless weekend
Painted bright gray days
They leave us

Music video Алкоголь – ПОРТ(812)

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