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Also known as Im straight, Im cool, 'aight lyrics.

English translation of Aight by Quavo
Now all my hard work paid on, Young Quavo I earned my stripes
Every time you see me ... I be with a thousand
Young ... thats wildin', all my dogs be growlin'
All my wolves be howlin', all my shooters prowlin'
Goin' hard in the paint on these ... ass ...
Cause a ... tried to foul me
Bitch get the ... from 'round me
Crown me cause Im royalty
All my ... loyal to me, all my hoes they spoil me
You are not a plug if you dont charge what Im charging
Caught a murder charge, thanks to God I beat the charges
Shooters jumpin' out the van when the van park
In East Atlanta my house is a landmark
Your favorite rapper in the Gucci Mane fan club
I had to run out just to run my bands up
You wanna be a Ceo then get your grands up
You wanna jack me you better change your plan up
Broke into my house and they keep bringin' your name up
Decapitation now you cant put your hands up
Its Gucc'

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