Castro translation of lyrics

Also known as In the kitchen, have a bake off lyrics.

English translation of Castro by Quavo
I be standin' in the field with the fire
So many onions in the trap, make me cry
My styrofoam got more oil than Dubai
Ridin' round with extendo
Ridin' round with extendo
Never, never, serve ya kinfolk
Never, never, serve ya kinfolk
... shootin' out the window
... shootin' at your window
Yeah, you better keep your head low
Feds watchin', better lay low
Cubans on me like Im Castro
Hit your bitch with a backstroke
Spanish bitch, Jlo
Dope money, Pablo
Astronaut, take off
John Travolta (face off)
In the kitchen, have a bake off
She gon' snort her whole damn face off
Anti lame ...
Take your girl like a pain killer
Just saw a picture of your first baby mama
Look like a train hit her
Cant finesse me, Im the finest
Aka, its your Highness
I dont know if she got a snort habit
Or the bitch got sinus
Pyrex tried to sign us
Bakin' soda tryna sign us
Got a red stove and a gold fork
Shit lookin' like the '9'ers
Told shawty, you a minus
And I say it out of kindness
Cuban links change the climate

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