Leanin translation of lyrics

Also known as And take it for this ride lyrics.

English translation of Leanin by Quavo
And then two freaky foreign bitches
She aint bad, told her dont bring her with them
I let her spend the night if my girl with it
We can have a threesome with them
I put that syrup in my ... cup
Chop and screwed, body on the way
Leanin', leanin'
Leanin', leanin'
And baby, when you look into my eyes
You know why they open wide
Leanin', leanin'
Leanin', leanin'
All of these feelings, you catchin' feelings
And seein' all the signs
Leanin', leanin'
Leanin', leanin'
You pop this pill then tell me what you feelin'
And take it for this ride
Leanin', leanin'
Leanin', leanin'
Drank, drank, drank on me (drank on me)
Yeah, they call me young Quavo (quavo)
Dropped the top, told your bitch, "Get in"
She gon' do what I say so (skrrt, skrrt)
She gon' do what I say so (skrrt, skrrt)
I told her count up the pesos (count it up)
Yeah, came from puttin' bricks in the cars like Maaco (bricks)
I dont get tired when Im whippin' pies
Hit 'em with that circumcised choppers in my archive

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