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Also known as That money keep on comin' in and comin' in and comin' lyrics.

English translation of Niice by Quavo
I got plenty traffic, no need for waze (waze)
Stay prayed, get paid, hustler made (made)
My money too dirty, I need a maid
Broke boys talk down, throwin' shade
But real hustlers are never phased (phased)
High grade twist up like a braid
My money keep comin' like porn star (pornstar)
Tight grip, mine sharp as a blade
I got all the game like a sports bar (sports bra)
For the money I go real far
I gotta get it today, Im not promised tomorrow
Look for it, I dont beg or borrow (borrow)
Im worried about mine, homie, not about yours
Wake and bake and get straight to the cake (cake)
Never talk down on the next man (next man)
Never ever do it for the Gram
Nah, stackin' up bread is the game plan (game plan)
Wrist light up like an ambulance
Satellite plant got my eyes on slant
28k stashed in my pants
And I keep my mind on bands, baby
(yeah, yeah)
(no, no, no)
(money comin' in)
Ridin' round with the burner
Im with Berner (aye)
Ridin' round with the bags on me
'bout to serve 'em (serve)

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