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Also known as I decided to go up like Major League (goin' up lyrics.

English translation of Workin Me by Quavo
Just let up the top and close the curtain please (skrr, skrr)
I decided to go up like Major League (goin' up)
She just popped the perky just like pork and beans (perky)
She just popped the perky, say I hurt her knees (perky)
She hurtin' me, wrist strong, Hercules (hurtin' me)
She hurtin' me, wrist strong, Hercules (hercules)
I decided to go up, Major League (goin' up)
Call the plug, tell him bring a key (bring the key)
Then retire, with the Bucks, Jt (jt)
Bought a coupe and told a rapper, "race me" (skrr, skrr)
Remember when they used to curve me (swoop)
Now they want to represent my earnings (represent it)
If you want smoke, smoke alarm me (smoke, smoke)
By yourself, no, bring your army (come and get it)
Im having shit that going to extinct your whole family (extinct)
I put 'em out, I feel like he done broke the leaves (ayy, ayy)
I put the work inside the wall behind the scene (work, work)
She attractin' all the dogs but work for me (hrr, work)

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