Illune translation of lyrics

Also known as - Al buio - lyrics.

English translation of Illune by Quintorigo
Sleep, sleep.
- In the dark -
Bag pupils
Around dilate
They pose, they stay
And wait
Sleep, sleep.
In the dark
Buried alive
Gills wheezing
They have moth teeth
But nellombra
They go out
In the dark
In the emptiness of vertigo
Even glum and hovering
The night has only one eye
Hanging in the shade
Reflected in Shadow
And sing in the shade
As long as it has a shadow
Of sobriety
No, dark!
For others and already Morning
For me and sky upside down
The dream sleeps on the shore
Wait for londa
Wait lombra
And sings lombra
And then nellombra

Music video Illune – Quintorigo

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