Рем Дигга
Дельфины translation of lyrics

Also known as Говорят дельфины, говорят, говорят правду говорят lyrics.

English translation of Дельфины by Рем Дигга
What do you dream of, my friend?
Tell me what makes you sad
That there is your life far look your eyes
Your big eyes?
Whether the rain is snow, and can still tear?
Fascinated by silence buried everything
And I've run out of words just so you know
I'll be a stone, you hear?
In your sea I will become a stone
Don't RUB salt in my wound
What are you, kid, looking into the distance?
Why do your eyes burn like the dawn?
They have a dream and I'm not in it
I know it is and I kind of accepted it
Stringy sadness, a beautiful dream, love is one
I begged: do not fly away, but I left the ashes of the fire
Wind highway one all these places
Dolphins speak, say, tell the truth
Dolphins speak, say, tell the truth
Here we are in my territory again fall
All the same I have friends brandy with a cane
Along the shore at night in the dark walking to sleep
This dock my sorrow is
What is left but the memory of the old man
To stare out of the doghouse in the Ramot empty can
One love foreign shores our temple was made of sand
Family-I'm sorry things, the final
But I saw a fairy tale lived passion
And took off their helmets on the track
I told you, Hello.
Hotel, bed, wine-cool
In the fireplace in the house playfully spinning fire
Soon the snows will come here and come down from the hills
I wished for let it come true with you even in ten years
I wished for that it comes Yes, and you perhaps there is no
Dolphins speak, say, tell the truth
Dolphins speak, say, tell the truth

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