Ricardo Montaner
La Diosa Del Lugar translation of lyrics

English translation of La Diosa Del Lugar by Ricardo Montaner
Whether provincial or capital
Some beautiful woman can catch you
Body and sun from the Tropic
Or accent, face and hair from the South
Of any age, mature or collegial
The goddess of the place
In America, women are body and soul
To love, they demand at least Fidelity.
To feel protected, the Latin American ones, are my life
You can drive her to delirium.
If you know how to be romantic in your love
A poem of yours a song
For more sound old is the best
The speed, the step goes wrong
Learn to love her and you'll see
In America
If it is a day besala in the shade
If it is night, besala until dawn
Want fidelity and feel protected
Latin American women are my life

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