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I'm On 3. 0 translation of lyrics

Also known as Im on, Im on lyrics.

English translation of I'm On 3. 0 by Rick Ross
Picked up them choppas, got to go and duck
Shootin' everything up, it aint no ho in us
Shit aint even last, free bro and them
In Chicago Im home, thats on foe and them
Now Im thinkin' right 'cause I see I can make it
Started, fam strugglin', I couldnt take it
You got it out the mud, I got it out the pavement
I used to miss payments, got the title, dare you try to take it
Triple Og
Never without vision or livin' goal-free
Never writ it though
Ive been out gettin' this since '03
Every little red cent and every dividend
Has been counted and acquired
Been legit, legal and been with the code
Im colder than December in the winter cold
Look, Ive been out givin' canned goods and clothes
To the children on 34th, real ..., ugh
I could put you on like socks
Put you on like my watch
Put you on the block, you can get that off
Put you on the right lot, you can get that coke
Put you on like a fitted
Put you on in my city
Got the stars in the ceilin', thats the Wraith
I call a audible, thats what a baller do
They keep askin' me, is there more to do?
Well aint water wet? Well then its more to get
To my shortys set, and his shortys set
This game aint over, its more quarters left
I gotta rep my city, do it for the set
I gotta talk my shit until Im short of breath
'cause the world is full of ... tryna off your on switch
Tryna find a place that your coffin gon' fit
Me and my ... on some confidente shit
And we aint really feelin' that off and on shit, Im on
Maybach Music
Chasin' paper, starin' out the casket
Was a stunna 'til they froze all the assets
Killers at your neck 'til you cut a check
You talkin' 'bout the money, ..., where its at?
Cars for my dogs, do it for the cause
Right back here tomorrow, ..., inshallah
...' on my knees, do it for the keep
Do it for the team, or Ima let it be
Chamilitary mane
They thought I was done, but really I aint even stress it
Just look at all the dough I got invested
Two years and two billion dollar exits
And now your relevance aint lookin' that impressive (it aint)
So glad we aint gotta chase relevance
And I would like to thank the dead presidents
For not livin' forever-ever, forever-ever
For all of them that passed, Ive been gettin' paid ever since
Be okay, still paid, still stackin' it
We gon' stay, courtside, thats accurate
We gon' take the White House and get back in it
They tried to turn us in to the villains like Colin ...
But its okay, Gotham City needs savin'
Youll fight back but Ima shock 'em like Raiden
I dont fold, I dont quit and dont cave in
Your worst nightmare, Freddy Krueger, Wes Craven
Im on, Im on
Im on, Im on
Im on, Im on
Im on, yeah
And I dont think he really needs any coachin'
The weathers gettin' hot, Eazy Season approachin'
Came up and everybody sees the devotion
I put the work in, I cause a commotion
Whenever Im in public, modern-day Elvis
Hoes at my shows wanted selfies
Made it here and aint nobody helped us
Now Im on a path to be great
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