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Rich Forever translation of lyrics

Also known as And the future is bright lyrics.

English translation of Rich Forever by Rick Ross
Flossin' out in Compton like I got a cape,
Rosemo tried to fight it, but barely ... fade.
White sheet, yellow tape, where your dogs at?
Count a million cash, can you blog that?
Me and my ... your type never exchange numbers.
Want to conversate and steal game from us?
See the watch, now you want to know the name of it,
Never ...' so I went and got the frame flooded:
Cartier, Hublot. I could name a dozen.
Your shit pushed back 'cause it ain't buzzin'.
Now these thugs actors, all of a sudden,
... hustle backwards, all of a sudden.
Can't talk snow, where the soft at,
Your man got murked, but you squashed that.
Hope, you know, what we call that,
I think, you know, just what we call that.
All you, ... boys, fall back.
Big face Rolly, rose gold cost 40.
Platinum twenty-one, it's time to go and spoil shorty.
You only live once, I'm screaming "Yolo! " in the Vi,
Time flies fast, balling with my ... T. I.
Ciroc, no glass, smiling women in my presence,

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