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Thug Cry translation of lyrics

English translation of Thug Cry by Rick Ross
They dont know what I been through, dont know what Im going through
As long as I get through thats what I look forward to
Richer than a bitch but still I cant afford to
Let these ... play with me need to be remorseful
I swear I got that silencer on that Mac 9 and I kill these ... with silence
My head stay in the clouds, I really feel like a giant
Cant trust none of these ..., I murk one of these ...
Then bury one of these ..., still got dirt under my fingers, that
Aint a threat thats a bet cause they coming at my neck like the best a man
Can get
To make a long story short I need a shoulder because the devil on one
The other one Im looking over
... hating like its Salt Lake City
No tints on that pretty ass Bentley
Want you to know that them comments dont offend me
Cause your baby mama so friendly
I proceed with the plan, weed in my hand
Ciroc in my cup, quick pic for a fan
Money over bitches, first ... with a wraith
... M, we handle business
Cause them ... getting raped
Go get the yellow tape, its well orchestrated
200 acres estates, a young ... made it
Came from the hood, aint nothing changed
Still lemon pepper on my motherfucking wings
Sometimes I ask myself, do thugs cry?

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