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Triple Beam Dreams translation of lyrics

English translation of Triple Beam Dreams by Rick Ross
I brought it back to papi, ain't trying to take no losses.
He focuses on my emotionless young dealer face then pauses,
He gives me powder, he has faith in Nas' ambitions to distribute coke.
Had addictions to gold chains, Mercedes Benz hopes, but I'm again broke.
This shit ain't cut for me, other dealers, they up their orders,
Barely at sixty-twos, they already up to quarters.
They out there every day, some true hustlers for you,
I'm at it half way, none of my customers are loyal.
Picturing piping out the seats of a Pathfinder,
Powerful pursuit for ..., cash to flash diamonds.
My junior high school class, wish I stayed there.
Illegal entrepreneur, I got my grades there.
Blaming society, mad, it wasn't made fair,
I would be Ivy League if America played fair,
Poor excuse. And so I was
Throwing rocks at the pen just for the love
Before the evil. The secret life of G's,
You seeing my blurry triple beam dreams.
Pocket full of money, parking lot full of them haters,
Triple beam dreaming, crib with two elevators,
Twenty flat screens and got cameras every angle.
Dope been coming, so you know the income major.
Rule number 1: I can't do business with a stranger.
Contract killers coming when I feel endangered,
Early 90's reminiscing when I had a pager,
Triple beam dreams. Now Pat Riley my neighbor.
... boy, talking out of turn, ...,
In the court room, spreading like a germ, ...,
25 on the line, them ... dropping dimes,
Cooperation got them rednecks dropping time.
Khaki suits and some ... go to acting cute.
We was all cool, stacking in Acura coupes,
More accurately, we acted as is if jacking was cool,
Snatching ... out they shoes then wear jackets to school.
... boy, you caught up in my dream,
Counting cream on the cover of a magazine,
I'm the source. Got the plug with the uncut,
Jay-z, Blue Magic, ..., what what?
Brand new S-class with a meal ticket,
..., cocaine white as Tommy Hilfiger.
Ralph Lauren Blue Label as I'm gettin high,

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