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Welcome To My Hood translation of lyrics

Also known as Welcome to my hood lyrics.

English translation of Welcome To My Hood by Rick Ross
I know some ... from my hood that would rob Noriega
Im talkin' Noriega, ..., the real Noriega
If you aint from the hood, bitch, than stop impersonating us
And tell congress when you see 'em bitch Im stealin' cable
And leave the D-boys alone 'cause they motivate us
And why is the half of my whole hood on papers
Some are on house arrest, some are on child support
Some of 'em did they bit, the other half waiting to go to court
Mr Landlord we gon bust your ass with an eviction note
Better have the police with you dog, if you came to repo
Im talking strip clubs, Im talking liquor stores
We throw our money round here, but yall can
Bitch Im on probation, so my nerves bad
And they say time flys, well mines first class
I landed in the sky, I fell from the streets
I talk a lot of shit and practice what I preach
Back from hell, cell twenty three, tell the warden kiss my ass
Pockets on Monique
Bitch Im from the murder capital
Hoe, Im far from practical
Shit happens and since Im the shit, Im who it happens to
Young Money, Cash Money, blood bitch, Im red hot
I dont see nobody, see nobody like a head shot
All that bullshit is for the birds, throw some bread out
Got it sewn up, check the thread count

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