Serge Gainsbourg
La recette de l'amour fou translation of lyrics

Also known as Alors la, mettez-le dehors lyrics.

English translation of La recette de l'amour fou by Serge Gainsbourg
In a boudoir insert a soft heart
On the couch let sit and relax
Pour a drop of Port
And then get on the piano
Play Chopin
With dedain
Break your chords
And sil sendort
Then throw him out.
The second night bring back that tender heart
Make three quarters of your time wait for you to simmer.
And if he hasn't left yet
Be sure it's cooked.
Without betraying you
Let fremir
Keep it waiting
And sil sendort
Then throw him out.
The next day it's up to you to be tender
Sieve all the lights and without waiting
Play the farce of true love
Say "never", say "always""
And consume
On couches
But after transportation
Ah! sil sendort
Get him out of here.

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