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Staralfur translation of lyrics

English translation of Staralfur by Sigur Ros
Blah night across the sky
Blah night over mer
State-enter the ut of the window
My me hands
Hidden under the cheek
Becouse my day
Of the day and i g
Blah nattfotin kla me i
Straight up i rum
Breii mjuku sngina
Close your eyes
I'll hide my head under the sng
Stares a me a little alfur
Converter mer i, but does not move
Ur sta - myself
Open your eyes
Stirurnar ur
Reach out and believe (whether I se not)
Back and all okay
Still missing something
Like all the walls
(stares a me a little alfur)
(converter mer i)
Ur sta - myself
I am

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