Are You Ready? translation of lyrics

Also known as You cant threaten me with no badman talk Im not scared sorry man lyrics.

English translation of Are You Ready? by Skepta
Some people cant see you will never win a lyrical war with me
So Im gonna call this one lord of the mics part 3
And murder another 25 Mcs
So dig me a larger grave
Spray my ting like aftershave
Its gonna be a par today
When your heart beat stops and you pass away
Trust me its all easy to me
Im champagne your lambrini to me
Dunno why your talking greezy to me
When Im Rodney Price your Beeny to me
They wanna run it up
But like armour said
Its nothing leave them
Bare skeng talk I cant believe them
Red and white r6 Ill leave them
Ed Hardy glasses I cant see them
So why you talking like you cant die
One bullet in each lung breath then
See your sounding weezy
And I heard your Cd
You and your mandem are talking greezy
I just tell a man like D-e-e
Come On Come On
Do you really think if I give 2 shits if your greezy
I dont think so
You man aint seen greezy yet
All my mandem pop it off
Your man will fly off into the sky like easyjet

Music video Are You Ready? – Skepta

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