Way Too Much translation of lyrics

Also known as Way too much lyrics.

English translation of Way Too Much by Skepta
One more bottle, Imma drop my brother, Im faded, Im faded
Think you can leave your girl round us, youre crazy, way too much
My friend, been Fekky from way back when
I was out here repping my ends, and you was in bed by ten
You see now, theyre just hating, way too much
Pay 50 for the coupe, way too much
Im doing alright me, Im doing alright
I can do it all night, do it in black, do it in white
Cause its way too much, I cant say too much
But the chain on my neck weigh too much
Its way too much, shut up
Me and my Gs get purse
See me in the club, all the girls on me
Dont give a shit what a mans worth
Dont give a shit if your girls nails on fleek
Dont give a ... about your voodoo curse
God bless me, you cant put your spells on me
Fekky said he wanted a verse
I said "don't put anybody else on, please"
Cause big man ting
Nowadays is death by association
Every day I pray to the most high
Them man are following Satan
Man are working with some different energies

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