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Lemonade translation of lyrics

Also known as Cause no one knows what we been through lyrics.

English translation of Lemonade by Skylar Grey
And the pain its so rough, oh
From the moments like this
When youre Holding my hand
And youre kissing all over my shoulders
Down to my thighs
I havent told you why, you dont see who I am inside
Cause you believe? this love is born with me?
Your paradise is on the table
Just let me show you how sweet this life can be
I couldnt wait for someone to come around
For someone who wouldnt leave a bad taste in my mouth
Life gave me you and I made
Lemonade lemonade lemonade lemonade lemonade
I pucker my lips and? add sugar and water to wash it down
Life gave me you and I made
Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade, lemonade, lemonade

Music video Lemonade – Skylar Grey

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