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English translation of Колыбельная by СЛОТ
Bye bye baby,
Why are you awake,
Close your eyes
Lull, lull, lull, lull.
Mom sings to you, " Sleep baby,
Childhood - med,
Live a little and tar spoon
Knock cold metal on the window,
It'll sink.
All the same, in 10 years come back to bend,
To be opened on time, infection to cling
For different fates, for the broken face,
Fight in a close ... for conventional units.
Come-everyone is ready, always ready
The bride-wife, they're widows,
Those who will direct and who will get,
Knowing - dude-in fact, to one hundred don't make it,
White finger beckon and do not let go.
Let those who do not yet know where the mouth,
Water not included, back is not easy.
Bone marrow grows veins in the island
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