Девочка-экстаз translation of lyrics

English translation of Девочка-экстаз by СМЕТАНА band
Your thirst for lactose and love Mimosa
Helps you seduce me
You love sour cream
Again above you will
I will like you to
You will come to me
On his white bus
Are you hungry today
I'll feed you
This sweet process
You and me will relieve stress
God I love that
Pleasure, excitement
Light up, girl ecstasy
I saved for you this time
You're in sour cream in sour cream all
You want more, but let's take a break,
And then OOO
Light up, girl ecstasy
After all, men's sour cream
So pleasing to the eye
You're waiting for her waiting for her and you want more
Wait my dear that's not all
I bought us wine
And we will insert it
We're tired together
After a hard day
Our meetings not understand
We don't like walking
We have interests
They want to perform
You yearn for the nectar
What men were given
You miss me so much
Cream my
Take off your clothes quickly
It'll be so much fun
We're rocking
In my hut
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