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Джузеппе translation of lyrics

English translation of Джузеппе by Смоки Мо
In the ashtray smoldering fun Giuseppe
I speed up longing to the speed of light
Probably ridiculous under a blanket in the summer
And instead of rapping poorly kept retro
I was waiting for a fair wind, waiting for news
Nowhere to run. Her again, again snow like death
This is unthinkable to endure
Where are you, saving shot?
Memories are like registers on an old organ
Faces at different angles
Crazy stories about Afghanistan from a drunken uncle
There - all men are bastards, all Chicks are whores
Party ... nothing except yawning and apathy
Her weird stain on the wrinkled dress
I'd bill them and a little more Bata,
But all gone, and bath has long been spit
He dyes his already gloomy picture
Leaving a soiled postcard with views of Rome
Indifferent to the face as a screen
He drank, whimpering whined: I'm sorry, Ira
She was looking at him from the 82nd in the photo
Two of them against the sea, he extinguishes vodka
And this is the best doctor, distracted only
Shameless on the neighbor's tramp
Vera, calm down. You're freezing
Besides, it's boring to jump for the hundredth time from a skyscraper
The cause of tears and anger is obvious. Let's not talk doom
Girl, they were just unlucky. It has nothing to do with you
From a crumpled packet rode the last SIG
And my Muse gives only a drunken sobs
Forgetting everything, closing his eyes
Passing the waves through a delighted audience
How do they know (how do they know) what I'm thinking?
Before going to bed. Already five days
What are you doing, 28th spring?
What are you getting at?" Well, give me a sign.
Let me fully this incentive
Beseech thee. I want to feel it in full force
Weaving whiskey and slow jazz in columns
For some reason I remembered myself as a child in love
Anka from a parallel class
School disco. Screaming in the street, dancing
If you can repeat, it is ready again
Hi - at the end so I needed a voice
Broken. A donor was raining down on the tree. Surrendered
Someone hissed maliciously, and he went
This message is encrypted, for scenes decent
Time will pass and they will see who is worth what
I continue because I live like this
Exactly copied what I saw today in reality
Being alone? Spit, left
Lost medals, dreamed about nerves of steel
Breaking faces with his fists, poems
Promised to change dear mom
Wake up, son - and I think I'm waking up
For the reckless hatred repent
Dreams of a little boy
I guess I'll stay that way
I ... at the sun and smile
Happy or just trying. I don't know

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