Still Waters Run Deep translation of lyrics

English translation of Still Waters Run Deep by Snowgoons
Like the old sitting ghost (still waters run deep)
Still waters run deep (still waters run deep)
Still waters run deep
They say the people that move in silence are often the smartest and most
Complicated ones
Yo real talk
You can listen to the elements and tell that Rakims an influence
More compelling than the fella telling his criminal doing
I aint selling like the fellas in Eminem unit
But you probably think I was based on the women Im screwing
I never lose focus Im a song writing specialist
Delivering messages to yall like receptionists
My weapons my intelligence homie you aint hard
You came in like? fans saying they selling it naw
Been earning my stripes ever since the age of nine
So much that it looks like Adidas wore pape but Im
Known for my major griming my persistence plus
Nobody out there rhyme like Supastition cause
I walk the lines of Southern and East Coast rap
Influenced by both but dont deny it like most cats
Hell yea Im talking to you

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