Die Stumme Ursel translation of lyrics

English translation of Die Stumme Ursel by Sodom
I saw them in a mail order catalogue
It was love at first sight
Get a girl to Cuddle and Love
And all alone for me
Am the first man in your life
My wish in execution
Can't wait
Finally unpack them
I call you stupid Ursel
Because she can't talk
But your Silence
Bring my blood into circulation
Your Silence turns me on
Every day I think of you
I'll prove it to her
And blow the air into it
To climb them again
Have spent so much time
To stain myself
But the Moral told me
To discover something New
Sometimes I have the desire
To Warm and to love
The wild games in my dreams
You can't offer them to me
Why can't you be like this
How all the gentle women
Which I desire so much
Which I like so much
My spirit was willing
My flesh was weak
But at last I have courage
I went where I paid
For a woman of flesh and blood
She whipped and she tortured me
She called me a Loser
"Hello my friend, here is my Kingdom
And my Name is Ursel"
Cleaned and exchanged
Of this old whore
I'm going home she's waiting already
My silent
My Ursel
My stumme Ursel

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