Soko Friedhof
Made in Germany translation of lyrics

English translation of Made in Germany by Soko Friedhof
Football, Krauts and Clodia Schiffer
Driving fast on Highway
Berlin Wall and Nazi hitler
Klinsmann, Adolf, Ali Kahn
Sexshop, sausage and Kindergarten
Zeitgeist and humor
Must wait for Germans net lang
Come always ahead of time
Made in Germany
I've never been proud of it
Krupp and Thyssen, deutsche Bank
..., Bunker, Tank
Wagner, Nietzsche, many thanks
Are u Germans all sick?
Wonderful and beautiful
Frollein, you want to go with me?
Frollein, miracle is happening
... you and goodbye
German Beer, Oktoberfest
Big tits, you're the best
Sheep Dogs, Aspirin
... the rest, the Germans win
Kraftwerk, Nena and the Can
Rammstein and the Un-to-ten
Cabaret and zwanzger year
And the second War not far
Levy Strauss and Brothers Grimm
Where did all the flowers go?
Economic Miracle, New Start
I don't know why I'm so sad
Germany, Germany, everywhere
D-day, Patton, fall of the wall
Ss, K-zet, Ke-pi-di
Bombs are over Germany

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