C'est La Vie translation of lyrics

Also known as Hell and heaven, they can wait for you lyrics.

English translation of C'est La Vie by Stereophonics
Knock back the drink, cause we think the boats sinkin'.
Hell and heaven, they can wait for you,
So go and do all the things that you want to do.
(we dont belong anywhere)
So set me free Cest la vie,
I said, come on pretty baby, take a dance with me.
I said, a shame on me cause I didnt see,
That you were looking at me baby by the Ferris wheel.
I said a stand by me, stick around with me,
Cause its a long walk back to where weve just been.
I said, a hey there baby so youre banking on me,
I just I wish I never found her but hey Cest la vie.
I said theyre playing our song on the radio,
And were singing out loud, all the words that we know
And its a long tongue Sally pissing off Peggy Sue
Oh its about me and you cause its time that we grew,
And you said yeah yeah yeah come along with me,
And then you think all the things that you want to see,
I said a woah pretty baby come and take my hand
Im gonna shake you all night, baby yes I can, wooah!
Such as life in the rear view mirror,

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