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English translation of Я теряю тебя by Сурганова и Оркестр
I'm losing you
(Kira Levin - S. Surganova)
I'm losing you in this muddy crowd.
I'm losing you bit by bit, cell by cell.
With every moment that passed at the height,
Warmth gives way to webs and nets.
I'm losing you, I can't find you.
I'm losing you gradually, line by line.
Simple like Cinderella ten,
And as complex as a piano tuner.
I'm losing you like sound, like taste,
I forget to write, late, forgotten.
I'm losing a Kazakh, I'm losing Tungus,
I'm losing-Alzheimer's-killed, killed!
My memory is dead and you are with it,
Die, die, don't beg.
I'm losing people, I'm losing friends,
I'm losing heirs, the name of losing.

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