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English translation of Al Carneval by Talco
In the ingenuity of a convivial
Vexed at the beginning of a cliche dress
In the city where it's always Carnival
Among cemeteries filled with dust
I want to wean in dismay
The disguise of the wind
And in the heels of his daily andar
Throw caresses that do not hold
And fear of truth
Masked trails in carneval
At the carnival
To disguise an appearance that there is no
I want to undress at Carnival
The monuments of a peace to make
A carneval per taguzzar
Dreams in confetti of candida irony
To dispense my life
Among the defendants of a vague eternity
To keep away omerta.
Cheering dances and grunts at Carnival
Piovon latrati never collected all the way
Human family waiting or chicchesia
Fathers respond to wait for other world
To sip vain beliefs in another way
Lost brothers now beoni in enema
Of a carnival along a bed of pleasure
To inanellar godparents and then to postpone
A drought of truth
In the quiet refreshment of a coffee

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