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English translation of Dalla Grotta by Talco
At the first natal of a cool rintoccar
In lightning darmonia that uninfanzia relego
Chests of a voluptuous age
Only certainties that appearance I give
Crebbi in the way of the usual dispensar
Already assigned roles from families to inheritances
In the company of a benevolent
Primordial ... of a gasp of escape
And then take refuge in honest virgins
In the cave that he could protect for a while
... about an infancy daughter of tender age
Lucid jerks at our first cadenzar
At the beginning of tender reason
I pushed lalba into the saddle of true sensationalism.
Now stripped naked by violent sobriety
Of the Scuro sol that used to surround us
Past the explosion of a petty camouflage
Sudden lightning that a jerk accelerates
Aiming now the benevolent stripped to nudita
Out of the cave the weather throws us
And now I drag away exiles of humanity
Orphan roots of a life to grasp
And only by my choice orphan of humanity
I come to new shores to restore pale eta
And now I drag away along a proud path
The choice to leave in order not to lock up
The wandering my to crafts that marked for me

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