I giorni e una notte translation of lyrics

English translation of I giorni e una notte by Talco
Scion hunting his electorate
Fake and devout praises the family
The pargolo and the least gifted member
Race and vulgar wonder
A day of hatred and barking
Between the volgo until the sunset
And the sun changing face
Curtain falls on a lying roundabout
But the dark wanted here to reveal profit
Of hymn to the pious and devout family
Found to consume nights for rent
And what anger and derision set in motion
The turbulence that day pollutes us
She's buried in an underground vigil.
But the fact was made known
From Fate and its drastic pain
The night you twist the devout
Saved in time by his soaked malor
And when the campaign resumed
He hid his night and dark desio
Shamelessly in front of people surrendered
To confuse his face from the backside
But soon another news leak
Of party coffers now emptied
And what collapses are bare stories
Of a bieco racism and dancing that Montano
Preserved in a wad that encloses it
While the devout sick and the muse flee
Lorsignori abbian pieta
If my far find absurd
After years and years
Telling about a caciurdo
But and the sad actuality
Of a contrary walk
That punctuating time in morsi
Push back the calendar
What is the day and what is the night
Where and its hypocrisy
In a tale like so many
Son of a time that does not flow away
It's the story of a sad day, in his intolerant game
And of a night kept alive, by miracle by a carer
And don't misunderstand me
Of rider of other people's misfortunes I do not have fun
I focus on the most humane teaching of the Supreme poet
To take care of the vili in his balance of power

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