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English translation of San maritan by Talco
Hearsay children
Faithless dovvie cagion
I have converted to bargaining chip
What I used to call reason
Indoctrinated by fearful infants
Chino I ended up coming out
In a phalanx of thinkers
Devotees in San Maritan
Sailing in the Gulf
Rippled by sharper seas
On the banks of San Maritan
Anchored to a bieco vigliar
I dye sleep with other people's dreams
Rolling in the nudity
One night in San Maritan
Son of today's maritanism
Fearful for vocations
In the conformism market
Sendo a trance storia e tradizionali
Of those who groove memories you great
But who could ever say
That a trail of vanished regrets
Resign the happy Futur
Slipping in the wind
Uncovered by ignites and infants
On the banks of San Maritan
Anchored to a blind crawl
I can handle the day with other people's dreams
Stroking her nudita
Of the night of St. Maritan
I am sick of the flavor of freedom
Slipping in the wind
Unfolded by the dreams of others
At the San Maritan gathering
Clinging to a blind assentir
Ragged by screaming sheep
Condemned to a conscious perir
Allasta di San Maritan
I sold out the value of my identity

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