Testamento di un buffone translation of lyrics

Also known as Non correte, non scappate via lyrics.

English translation of Testamento di un buffone by Talco
Heartbroken and empty fables of melancholy
Fog sinking days and solidarity
There are precarious clouds and utopia
But reality is sinking in the metropolis
Without filters in the streets walk the buffoon
Jump over the shards of a deaf city
There is no room for lamentation nor moderation
To those who have heartbroken their values for blind tranquillity
Don't run, don't run away
One day he cannot live without his utopia
Don't run, don't run away
In the nothingness of well-being sell out your vilta
Between desperate flights of ghosts and false days
Don't run don't run away
Wake up clowns sooner or later
How you will do without dreams
Surely a fool will not be company
To the old man who can no longer speak with dreams
For those who the caravan is now escaped away
The price of pride and error
But in armchairs armed with menefreghism
Strip an empty song of no identity
They say, " a little opportunism won't be bad."
Thank you but I decline too much to care about my integrity
Gentlemen spectators
Another train and left
I leave you the will of a love that his life has pursued
With a smile I will leave with you
Next approach and in the heart no one is ashamed
Look look up don't run away
Here is a buffoon armed with poetry still dancing with his dreams
:English Text:
Testament Of A Clown
Among broken tales, melancholy and void
The fog submerges days and solidarity
They tell us clouds and utopia are precarious
But in the cities reality is sinking
Unbound The clown takes to the streets
He leaps on the rubble of a deafened city
Theres no room for grief or moderation
For those who have done away with their values for a blind tranquillity
Dont run, dont flee
A day cannot live without utopia
Dont run, dont flee
In the mud of opulence you sell vileness
Among the desperate leap of ghosts and false days
Dont run, dont flee
You better wake up you clowns sooner or later
What will you do without any dreams?
No ... a clown will be of little company
For a geezer who know not how to speak through dreams
For those for whom the caravan has already gone
The price of pride lies in the error of sinking
But on the armchairs armed with indifference
An empty song crawls, devoid of ideas and identity
They say :" a little opportunism will do little harm"
Thanks but no thanks, I hold my integrity too dear
Ladies and gentlemen
Another train has left
I leave you the testament of a love followed by a dream
Smiling I will leave again with you
Draw near and let no one be ashamed
Look! Look and dont flee
Heres a clown armed with poetry who still dances with his dreams

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