Pest Und Teufel translation of lyrics

Also known as Ich werde spielen lyrics.

English translation of Pest Und Teufel by Tanzwut
I whistle my song, I'm just a Sanger,
I make a feast every day,
I play like the Rattenfanger
And laugh at pain and plague.
And look at how the plague woman hobbles,
A gruesome cart rumbles,
I don't care what's tomorrow,
I dudle, sing again.
I'll play,
Listen to the melody,
I'll play,
What's tomorrow, you never know,
I get up again
And no shackles keep me,
Who does not beat an hour,
Who's ever happy.
Then I swung out of the tavern
And strauchle, what can I dafur,
A cart was approaching with Geachz,
Throw me up into the morgue,
Then the carriage is tilted,
The wheelbarrow axes and swips,
The bagpipes and my heavy harm
Snoring, until the morning fog.
I'll play.
Then I get out of the pit
And blow up my bagpipes
And play My Melody,
Three our fathers beat them.

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