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Drink Up translation of lyrics

Also known as I aint never givin' drink up lyrics.

English translation of Drink Up by Tech N9ne
Why they lookin' at us with serious aggravation (why?)
'cause they got limitations
Why they wanna scrap with us 'cause the money we makin' (why?)
They got no education
Why they women leave' em to get with our congregation (why?)
Because them ... fake and we been awake
And when this kid bite me, trippin', he did try me
Had to crack 'em, had to get scrappy in this bizz naive
I spin his hair right around, yes I did my G
He wanted to run up and get with the gun up because it was whizz by me
Did your man 'cause shes a fan and hold my biz highly
Doin' any and every to score like she is Kyrie
In a drunken stupor, she hit me with the kwizzz whyme
'cause we saw you cant handle liquor and hold a bwizz flylie
You bwi
I aint never givin' drink up
I aint never givin' drink up
I aint never givin' drink up
Just fill my drink up
Why we buzzin'? (why?)
Because we steady chuggin'
Now we leave the spot and we gotta go get to grubbin'? (why?)
'cause we hungry all of a sudden

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