Королева дорог translation of lyrics

Also known as Королева страстей lyrics.

English translation of Королева дорог by Технология
The roar of powerful turbines!
Wheels slide on wet asphalt.
The night burns to the ground, warming you in a crimson sunset.
Clear voice singing roads will take you to infinite distance.
But today you me night give!
Come on!
Queen's road
Queen of passion
We'll meet somewhere
Queen's road
Queen of passion
Messenger of the wind
Byot-time pulse,
But you'll never outrun him.
He is not subject to your machine.
You'll lose him, you know.
Look at the night sky, it will not deceive.
It is the road of unearthly love.
Come on!.
This night the sky is only yours!
You don't recognize me
On the road of unearthly love.
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